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  • Writer's pictureNajwa Awad, LCSW-C

Coping with Loneliness During a Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world and more deeply into each nation, people have been struggling to grapple with the massive implications of what is to come over the next several months, especially with interpersonal relationships. One of the most challenging parts of adjusting to Coronavirus for individuals and families has been social distancing and quarantining at home. Going from an extremely fast paced world of appointments, social events, extracurricular activities and networking to abruptly being forced to stay at home out of fears of getting sick or doing one’s social responsibility has been a jolting experience to say the least.

Muslims in particular have been saddened by these changes as they saw religious practices that they once took for granted, like the Friday prayer, funerals and praying in the mosque for congregation suddenly gone. These acts of worship came with prosocial benefits as congregants got to check-in with their friends on a consistent basis with no effort. What happens though, when there is a pandemic preventing people from not only socially congregating, but creating spiritually distancing as well?


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