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Najwa is a psychotherapist, certified perinatal mental health specialist and organizational mental health consultant that has provided services to individuals and families in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area for over 15 years.


She obtained a Bachelors degree in Psychology in 2005 and a Masters in Social Work, specializing in the clinical treatment of individuals and families, in 2007. She also has postgraduate certification in advanced trauma treatment and is an EMDR provider.


Her experience in the field is diverse and includes providing services at group homes, schools and in the foster care system. Most recently she has been working and supervising in outpatient mental health settings providing therapy to women, children and families. Commonly treated issues include trauma, mood disorders, behavioral disorders and anxiety.

In addition to giving regular mental health workshops in the community, she is also Fellow at the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, and a Steering Committee Member at UMMAH (United for Muslim Mental Advocacy & Health: A grassroots initiative to de-stigmatize mental illness and address the mental health needs of Muslim communities).

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