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Many people have questions about the difference between counseling and coaching. Both orientations are useful and can lead to powerful results, but there are important distinctions between the two.


Coaching stems from positive psychology and helps clients reach their full potential as an individual. Sessions are flexible (meaning scheduling can vary), collaborative and very goal oriented. Coaching is for those who are content with life, but know they do better and achieve more if given the right mentoring and tools.


Psychotherapy on the other hand, focuses on the identification and alleviation of mental illness and clinical symptoms. Psychotherapy goes much deeper to help clients understand the etiology of their pain, explore traumatic history, learn ways to cope with difficult feelings and how to build better relationships with others.

The coaching process can include psycho-education, values clarification, brainstorming, goal identification and other mental wellness techniques. Coaching may also help in the development of personal projects, job performance and family satisfaction. Good candidates for online coaching are clients looking for a boost in setting and meeting familial, occupational and personal goals.

Online coaching can be a part of therapy, but is not therapy or a substitute for therapy.




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