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Everyone needs a supportive and non-judgemental person to speak to about matters that concern them. Sometimes these issues can be a normal part of life like choosing a new job or having a baby, and sometimes these issues are more complex like depression or anxiety. Individual therapy is a confidential way to process your thoughts and feelings and get professional help towards attaining your goals for well-being. Amanah Family Counseling provides therapy to children, adolescents and women.


Common issues women seek help for in individual treatment include:

  •  Bereavement

  •  Depression

  •  Trauma, PTSD

  •  Anxiety

  •  Anger

  •  Domestic violence

Couples who participate in per-marital counseling are 30% more likely to have a successful marriage.¹ As divorce rates continue to go up, with some researchers estimating somewhere between 40-50%², it's more important than ever for engaged couples to participate in counseling before tying the knot.

¹ Health Research Funding, 2014

²American Psychological Association, 2018

Important issues couples need to discuss before marriage include:

  •  Gender roles and expectations

  •  Communication

  •  Finances

  •  Desire to have children

  •   Religion/spirituality

  •   Family of origin dynamics

  •   Life goals

  •   Problem-solving skills

Difference of opinion is a normal and healthy part of a relationship with a significant other. When these differences lead to chronic conflict however, you may need a neutral person to help work those issues out. Chronic conflict can lead to many issues including resentful feelings, alienation and sometimes separation. Couples therapy can help solve underlying issues by opening communication, improving problem-solving skills as a couple and proactively tacking issues at hand.


Common issues couples seek help for in counseling include:

  •  Disagreements about making big decisions

  • Constant bickering

  • Communication issues

  • Infidelity

  • Feeling a lack of mutual love

Family can be a source of great strength. Sometimes family conflict can also lead to a great deal of pain. Unresolved issues between family members can damage relationships which makes it uncomfortable for those in conflict and everyone around them. Family counseling brings family members together in a safe environment to respectfully voice concerns and work on repairing damaged relationships.


Common issues families seek help for include:

  •  Parent-child conflict

  •  Blended family issues

  •  Sibling conflict

  •  Issues between spouses and their in-laws

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