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  • Writer's pictureNajwa Awad, LCSW-C

Ramadan and Breaking Out of the Cycle of Addiction

"Ramadan is an exceptional time for Muslims seeking Allah’s mercy, hope, and healing from all kinds of spiritual, physical, and psychological ailments- including addiction. Addiction is traditionally thought of as dependence on alcohol or drugs, but present-day individuals are struggling to extricate themselves from softer addictions more than ever before. In fact, if you ask most people they will tell you that they have an unhealthy reliance on something whether it be food, tv, social media, or even the approval of others. Regardless of the type of addiction, dependence on anything other than Allah (God) usually has spiritual ramifications. If addiction and spirituality can be interconnected what is the interplay between addiction and Ramadan? What are the benefits of Ramadan, and how can it help those who want to break out of the cycle of addiction?..."


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